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Digital Signature Kya He | How to make Digital Signature Online ?

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Digital Signature – Did You Know What is Digital Signature ? Here we will want to give some information related to it. This is a bit technical, but I can understand you. Friends, you use Signatures in your daily life activites. Signature is a sign of our agreement. If we are writing our signature then it means that we are accepting our consent to that thing. Such as in a bank’s check book, or any government document.

But have you ever thought that these Signatures can also be fake? There are many people who can duplicate any signature. Now here’s a little scary thing because if such fake signatures rob you of money earned from our hard work, it’s really a scary thing. But now you are not afraid because now we have started using Digital Signature instead of Physical Signature. So that the work of such a fake world is impossible. So today we will learn in this article that this digital signature online.

Digital Signature क्या है (What is Digital Signature)

digital signature, what is digital signature, digital signature certificate, digital signature online, How to get digital signature, how to make digital signature

This is a technique that allows us to know the truth of anybody’s document. We can find out how much that document is Authentic or Genuine. Digital Signature was design so that any kind of tampering done then it can easily identify. This gives accurate information about the origin, identity and status of that electronic document. A valid Digital Signature Certificate provide us the assurance that the document sent by known sender is sent, confirm this. And from that he can not even speak lie to the sender. Digital Signature is a standard elements for many Cryptographic Protocol Suites and they are used in many places like Software Distribution, Financial Transaction and Contract Management Software, which can easily be caught by fraudulent frauds.

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How to make Digital Signature Online ?

Digital Signature Public key is based on Cryptogrphy, also called Asymmetric Cryptography. It generates two keys by using the public key Algorithm such as RSA, which are Private and Public. And this 2 keys is mathematically linked. With help of Sign Software to create Digital Signature online, the electronic form signature was create in a way of making hash. hash is encrypt with the help of Private Key.

Similar encrypted hash and other information associated with it. Hash’s value is unique if we look at its Hashed Data. If there is change in the data, even if a character is also manipulate, then some other value will show in the result. This feature enables others to validate the integrity of the data by using the signature’s Public Key to decrypt the hash. If decrypt hash match it with another compute hash then it give evidence that there is no change in data. And if both Hash data did not match

So it’s possible that some changes been made in the data, and cannot trust in this.

Now i explain people by giving a simple example. Suppose a man is “A” who wants to send some required documents through email to another person who is “B”.

Steps to create Digital Signature

1. The document which you want to digitally signed is applied a Hash function(small program) and thereby a “numbered sequence” is came out which is called Hash.

2. After this the same Hash is encrypt with “Sender Private Key”.

3. After this, the document is now digitally sign. And sent to another man.

4. Now another guy “B” gets a signed document, now he will have to do some basic things to check the authenticity of that document.

5. At first he had to use “Hash Function” on that document, which would result in Hash (which we call H1).

6. The second step will have to decrypt that Signed Document by using “Sender Public Key” and by which it will result in Hash (which we call H2)

Now both H1 and H2 have to compare, and if both H1 and H2 material is same, then we can say that the Signed Document is completely original and there is no manipulation in it.

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