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What is Cloud Hosting ? Top 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2019

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In the last few years, a lot of changes are being seen in the web hosting and in these new changes, cloud web hosting is a fast emerging service and trend that is used by global different business. The Cloud hosting Providers has different issues like traditional web hosting (shared hosting, VPS and dedicated) such as performance, cost etc.

What is Cloud Hosting ?

Cloud hosting is the mode in which custom-made online virtual servers can be created, modified and removed on the basis of customers’ requirements. The Cloud hosting Providers is used to host website hosts, email and to distribute web-based services. Cloud Hosting is actually hosted virtual machines on the Physical server, on which OS and other software are configured according to the requirement of the client after allocated resources such as CPU, memory, storage. When you moderate your site on the cloud, the website uses the virtual resources of server for its own requirements.

The website’s peak load (without any bandwidth issue) can be easily managed because of cloud hosting help, in this case, another server of the cluster can offer additional resources to that server. Thus, the website does not have to depend on the resources of any single server because many servers share their resources while working in a cluster.

In your cloud hosting providers, the data on your website is stored on different servers. This is totally different from the old method of web hosting. Where your data was stored on the same server. Virtual servers are built on different placeholders of the server in cloud web hosting. And a cluster is prepared by adding them.

Your data is stored on a number of virtual servers. And all of these virtual servers are derived from one physical server. And whenever any of these surfers are offline or poor. Even then your data will continue to work as you and other servers remain online for a while.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting Providers:

  1. Trustworthy: As I have already told you before, if one of the servers hosting your cloud hosting providers becomes offline, then it is easily compensated by another server. Due to which your website is not offline. And your website stays online.
  2. There is no lack of bandwidth for your website.
  3. It is cheap compared to virtual private server VPS web hosting and dedicated web hosting. And you do not need to spend extra money on your website.
  4. Due to your data on many servers, your website provides good security in a way. Thereby reducing the risk of your data getting corrupted.
  5. Loading time: This provides good loading time to your website.
  6. Traffic Scalability: Through cloud hosting, you can be uncomfortable with traffic load on your website. The website offers a very great feature in this hosting. That is traffic scalability.

As soon as traffic increases on your website So all servers seem to offer more bandwidth to your website. Due to which traffic on your website is not threatened due to crash. Friends, I would like to say that cloud hosting is the emerging technology. Which has been used by many web owners.

Top 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers 2019

1. Amazon web services (AWS)

cloud hosting, cloud hosting providers, top cloud hosting providers, cloud server, website hosting

AWS i.e. Amazon Web Services is a Remote Computing Service that gives us Cloud Computing Service, along with Unlimited Bandwidth and Customer Support. Now use this Cloud Computing Service for your website or blog or for any apps.

In 2006, Cloud Solution Amazon gave the concept of AWS i.e. Amazon Web Services, and then Amazon made its IT management AWS that is called Amazon Web Services, but at that time the price of AWS was very high and its Bandwidth Storage was also very low.

This would have been that if a user bought AWS service from Amazon, then the server was sometimes down on his website or blog because the Bandwidth Storage of AWS I Hosting was very low. But gracefully, Amazon removed this problem and at that time Amazon gave AWS the name of Webstore but now it is known as AWS, which is known as Amazon Web Services. Now we get Unlimited Bandwidth Storage and Fully 24 × 7 Customer Support. As we all know that one of the Amazon Top most companies and we can trust on them.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Service List-

cloud hosting, cloud hosting providers, top cloud hosting providers, cloud server, website hosting

To say Clearly, there are no such cloud hosting providers that can provide services as compared to AWS.

2. Digitalocean

cloud hosting, cloud hosting providers, top cloud hosting providers, cloud server, website hosting

Digital Ocean is a Cloud Hosting Provider Company. It uses a virtual private server for hosting. The virtual private server works just like a physical server on which all the controls are yours. You can control and manage the Digital Ocean’s servers at your own pace. It offers a very cheap VPS hosting service. You get Plans Plan $ 5 to $ 960 for VPS hosting, you can choose VPS hosting server plan according to your blog’s capability and traffic.

This is a unique hosting provider company. Q gives it a private server to its customers, so that you have the right to fully control the server. By the way, it is a virtual server but it works only with the physical server. By hosting blogs in this, you can reduce the speed of your blog by 1 second.

Features of Digitalocean :

  • As a virtual private server, you get full control of the server.
  • This will be like the speed of thunder( बिजली की तरह) on your blog.
  • In this, Cloud Server gives you 99.99% uptime.
cloud hosting, cloud hosting providers, top cloud hosting providers, cloud server, website hosting

You can find the pricing plans of DigitalOceanon their pricing page. Every package comes with a bunch of additional features.

The plans come with monthly caps. The monthly caps ensure that you’ll never exceed the maximum spending resources, regardless of how many droplets are produced.

If you confused about what is droplets is then know that, DigitalOcean refers to servers as “droplets.”

If you are searching for the best cloud hosting providers in 2019 at a reasonable price, then this may be a good option for you.

3. Cloudways

cloud hosting, cloud hosting providers, top cloud hosting providers, cloud server, website hosting

The Cloudways comes in those selected companies which can give you cloud-based managed wordpress hosting with a good functionality in a low budget. Cloudways Web Hosting review. With this, Cloudways also promotes that the load time of your WordPress sites is fast and there are no hassles associated with hosting. Cloudways is a Cloud Hosting Providers 2019.

They have developed a platform, which you can modify if you need it, say your website is growing, and you have to increase its performance, so you can do this easily on the Cloudways. If you can not believe our points, then you can sign up for Cloudways’ Free Trial Offer, do not even want any credit or debit card for it.

This is a Europe company that was launched by three friends in 2009, also has offices in Dubai and Spain. Their company’s aim is to provide headache free hosting solution so that their customers can focus on their main business. Cloudways comes in those selected companies which can offer you cloud-based managed wordpress hosting in a low budget in a low budget.

Speciality of Cloudways :

cloud hosting, cloud hosting providers, top cloud hosting providers, cloud server, website hosting

4. Vultr

cloud hosting, cloud hosting providers, top cloud hosting providers, cloud server, website hosting

The Vultr is mainly famous for its fast SSD cloud server. A Vultr offers 100% solid-state drives (SSD). This uses the latest generation Intel CPUs and an attractive control panel. You can choose between 14 low latency locations around the world so you can get your cloud server instance spun up in 60 seconds. Vultr is a cloud Hosting Providers.

Like the other cloud hosting providers in this list such as Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Cloudways, Vultr also provides high-performance SSD cloud servers that boast a global footprint.

Something that makes Vultr apart from other is its flexible options at a lower price level. These options are suitable for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Something set Vultr apart. that is its elastic options at a lower price level. These options are appealing to even small-scale users like individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I like the most of its control panel. As you may know that the control panel is a key aspect of any cloud service. Vultr’s control panel is specially built with the customer need.

You can install many features with just one click. This saved a lot of time so that you can concentrate on more important issues. Another awesome feature is the dedicated IP addresses. It can be altered.

Currently, Vultr offers four different types of hosting options. Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2), Bare Metal Simplified, Block Storage and Dedicated Instances. The most basic plan starts at $2.50/mo.

cloud hosting, cloud hosting providers, top cloud hosting providers, cloud server, website hosting

Vultr provides great customer support. You can find many Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs) and helpful posts on their website.

You can also contact the customer care team members directly through email, ticketing or social media.

There is also an online community. You can find it at Vultr Discuss. This is also very helpful to gain some extra knowledge.

5. Bluehost

cloud hosting, cloud hosting providers, top cloud hosting providers, cloud server, website hosting

Bluehost is most popular and well-known companies in the world of web & cloud hosting. It was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth. But currently, Bluehost owns the Endurance International Group (EIG). Bluehost is a Cloud Hosting Providers.

Bluehost provides numbers of types of hosting plans with 24*7 customer support. Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress.org. However, many web & cloud hosting companies are available in the market, but Bluehost is the cheapest and best of them from all.

Bluehost is also the official recommendation of WordPress.

This is a new hosting in the market that allows your site to use better loading speed and multiple cloud servers. If there is a hardware problem on your site, it will automatically switch to another server.

The Bluehost Cloud Hosting Providers is suitable for small business and entrepreneurs.

Comparison of Clous Hosting Providers :

As we discuss all the Best top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers in India along with their specialities, features and their plans & Policies. Now it’s time to compare all the top 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers which we discuss above.

RankProviderPriceUptimeSupportOverall Rating
01AWSFree for 1 Year99.99%10/105/5

Conclusion :

After a big discussion on To 5 best cloud hosting providers in 2019, now we are in the conclusion.

As the popularity of cloud applications is increasing day by day, the demand for cloud hosting also increases. As I told earlier, there is hundreds of cloud hosting provider.

I have analyzed each and every points in details. and provide you 5 best cloud hosting providers in 2019 so that you can also analyze and make your decision to buy Clous Hosting Providers for your website.

If you are new to the cloud hosting, then my guidance is you should try the AWS as it provides 1-year free subscription. If you comfortable with this then you may go for the paid plans.

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